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Learn how to get a job abroad with a disruptive, effective and personalised approach to your career development needs.

Stand out from the crowd and discover your true potential

Mariel Schaab


Career Coaching 1:1 sessions

15 years

of experience in HR and Talent Management


international job search clients from 30+ countries

As a career coach and HR professional, I know that success lies in knowing how to sell your skills and knowledge. To do this, you must first know yourself and value your own talent and track record.

My goal is to help you SHINE by creating a distinctive brand that sets you apart and positions you professionally. In this sense, I will provide you with the right tools and strategies to stand out in the competitive international job market.

Together, we will shape your CV, Motivational Letters, LinkedIn, personal branding and job interviews so that you can convey your value in a compelling way to employers of interest. I will provide you with practical and effective guidance to help you get the job you are truly passionate about.  

Are you ready to find your dream job?


Tools for finding international employment

Job Search Coaching for Expatriates

Are you an immigrant / expatriate planning to migrate to another country or looking for remote work? You can make the international leap in your career with Coach4expats.


Our personalised coaching service will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to optimise your CV, Motivational Letter and LinkedIn in the competitive job market for working abroad.

International employment opportunitiesempleo internacional


Discover your dream job offers abroad and for working remotely!


We will connect you with a wide range of job offers abroad (Europe, America, Asia, Oceania).


I met Coach4expats when I was immersed in my arduous job search to be able to emigrate to Spain from Argentina. From her Instagram account I started to apply tips and tools that she had available for free. I decided to have an International Job Search coaching session with Mariel. She listened to me attentively and we talked about how to better focus my search, what areas of my work experience to highlight and how. She gave me tips for the interviews I had already scheduled and I applied them without hesitation. The result was immediate, in fact, after 2 or 3 weeks I already had my contract signed! Thank you very much Coach4expats for being such an important part not only at work but also personally!


Carolina Mori

Senior Project Manager



Find out how our Job Search Coaching services have helped them land their dream jobs abroad!

Find the talent your company needs

We have an exclusive portfolio of professionals ready to join your team and achieve success together. Contact us now and discover our solutions in Talent Acquisition and Outplacement Programmes nationally and internationally!

Outplacement programs

Do you need to train talent for the new market challenges of the future?

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We work with tailor-made programmes by area and by industry to ensure the impact of the programme. We have coaches in different regions so that the programme can be delivered in the language of the attendees and improve communication. Is this a priority for your business? Let's talk about it.

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