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Service Description

Are you a highly skilled professional and have already worked on your CV, LinkedIn and Personal Branding? Do you want to access the hidden job market (which accounts for 80% of real vacancies)? Are you desperate for a job? Is your work permit about to expire and you need to renew sponsorship as soon as possible? Do you need to obtain a work permit before your tourist visa expires? Benefits: 📧 Send up to 400 personalized emails a day to prospective employers and HR managers with just a few clicks, fully automated. 🤖 Automate connections, messages and interactions on LinkedIn. 🕵️‍ Access the hidden job market, which represents 80% of available and unpublished vacancies. 📨 Create email sequences for different audiences, sizes and types of companies. 💪 Receive full support and follow-up for 1 month to set up and mass customize template messages to secure job interviews with your target employers. 🤝 The 'Job Search Revolution' plan includes: ✅Access to 1 (one) hour online Job Search Revolution Setup Course. ✅Sequence templates for automation. ✅1 (one) personalized job coaching session for program setup and execution. ✅1 (one) month of support and follow-up from the Coach4Expats team. What are you waiting for to purchase the star job search plan that will change the way you find a job?

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De Gemeint 44, Giesbeek, Gelderland, Netherlands

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