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Boost your your job search!

  • 1 h
  • 499.99 euros
  • Online

Service Description

🚀 Accelerate your job search with our exclusive offer with the GOLD service! Get access to a Job Search Masterclass (pre-recorded), CV templates and professional reviews to highlight your profile. Join our exclusive client community and receive personalized advice, expert reviews and access to specialized resources. Plus, participate in personalized job coaching sessions and access valuable resources to prepare you for interviews and generate networks. Benefits: 📚 Access to 140-minute Job Search Masterclass (pre-recorded, online). 📄CV templates and expert reviews to highlight your profile. 🔄Participate in 2 (two) personalized coaching sessions. 💼Access valuable interview and networking resources. 🌐Join our exclusive community for clients and receive personalized advice. 🎯Specific resources and additional tools tailored to your professional needs. Moreover, you will get the Job Search Revolution service to automate your job search! Benefits: 📧 Send up to 400 personalized emails a day to prospective employers and HR managers with just a few clicks, fully automated. 🤖 Automate connections, messages and interactions on LinkedIn. 🕵️‍ Access the hidden job market, which represents 80% of available and unpublished vacancies. 📨 Create email sequences for different audiences, sizes and types of companies. 💪 Receive full support and follow-up for 1 month to set up and mass customize template messages to secure job interviews with your target employers. 🤝 The 'Job Search Revolution' plan includes: ✅Access to 1 (one) hour online Job Search Revolution Setup Course. ✅Sequence templates for automation. ✅1 (one) personalized job coaching session for program setup and execution. ✅1 (one) month of support and follow-up from the Coach4Expats team. Don't miss the opportunity to join our exclusive community and receive personalized advice along with tools tailored to your professional needs! Do you dare to take the next step in your career?

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De Gemeint 44, Giesbeek, Gelderland, Netherlands

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