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NEW COURSE! 🤩 I am pleased to announce TODAY that I am launching the new VIP SERVICE and On-demand Job Search Revolution! 🌎

Service Description

This course contains:

📧 Send up to 400 personalised emails a day to potential employers and HR managers in just a few clicks in a fully automated way.

🤖 Automate LinkedIn connections, messages and interactions on LinkedIn.

🕵️‍♂️ Access the hidden job market that represents 80% of available and unpublished vacancies. Create email sequences for different audiences, sizes and types of companies and organisations.

💪 Receive full support and follow-up for 1 month on the setup and mass customisation of template messages to get job interviews with your target employers.

Job Search Rev - English (1)
Job Search Rev - English (1)
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EN - Job Search Revolution
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