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At Coach4expats we are passionate to see you succeed.

As expats, we clearly understand your concerns to achieve your goals in a new country or to get a dream job abroad.

Here you will be able to find courses, workshops, and coaching sessions to improve your CV and LinkedIn as well as to get training for your interviews in several languages and get coaching to help you in your job search. 

In addition, you can apply to our open positions for remote, hybrid and on-site opportunities for our clients.


Are you ready? GET STARTED!

Mariel Schaab

I lived in Argentina and Spain. Nowadays, I am based in the Netherlands.

I love to see talented people like you shining and achieving your professional and personal goals.

Trust me! You can get that job, move to that country and get that happiness that you are looking for!

Let's design together a meaningful career path for you!

Mariel Schaab Coach4expats Owner

years of HR Experience

Involved in several HR roles, including Recruitment and 2 years of experience as a career coach & CV writer


career coaching clients

From 22 countries (Americas, Europe, Middle-East, Asia-Pacific)


1:1 group sessions

Work in personalized sessions and group sessions, where we work on career expectations, CV, Cover letters, LinkedIn & more...


Read more about our job search coaching services and get a CV feedback for free!

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